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Sybal Heim RP: The Reaper Calls by Starhorse Sybal Heim RP: The Reaper Calls :iconstarhorse:Starhorse 52 8 SH NPC Burr by Starhorse SH NPC Burr :iconstarhorse:Starhorse 30 7 Archery Shirt 2017 Final by Starhorse Archery Shirt 2017 Final :iconstarhorse:Starhorse 20 9
    “Oh for the love of Basileus!  Alright, alright.  If you want to put your life on the line so bad…”  He raised his hands apologetically then fetched a badge and slingshot from his bag, handing them to Sisika.  “But you have been around for the past fifty, haven’t you?”  He stopped midway.
    She stopped for a moment before nodding hastily.  She took the offered badge, but left the slingshot.
    The officer looked at Tiago and Kenshin. “Do you have a third party member yet?”
    Tiago shook his head.
    “Fine. You can go with them then.”
    Kenshin felt his throat close up neatly at the sight of the woman. He scowled at his feet, already wishing he was home. At least it was only until sundown.
    Tiago always had to stick his hand in things. He could see a wasp’s nest and think it was in distress.
:iconstarhorse:Starhorse 2 4
Team Horse Force by Starhorse Team Horse Force :iconstarhorse:Starhorse 66 3 SH Nkiru (NPC) by Starhorse SH Nkiru (NPC) :iconstarhorse:Starhorse 16 6
Sybal Heim RP: Heavy Lifting
        Deyri was in the greenhouse, almost violently weeding to keep herself occupied. She had already gathered everything she needed for visiting Tahiry, ready to leave at a moments notice for his much needed presence after her latest Tell. Gracious, it had been unexpected and shocking and … it was all she could do to contain the swirl of emotions inside her.
        The mix was so potent and thick that it took a good minute for her mind to register that the bell on the door up front had rung. Deyri stood, clapping off her hands quickly and paced to the door, opening it with a bit quicker of a jerk then she normally would have.
        “Oh, Tiago!” she said, almost breathless
        “Thank you for stopping by” her hand fidgeted at her side, the other still clutching at the handle of the greenhouse door.
        Deyri looked … frazzled.
:iconstarhorse:Starhorse 4 7
Tiago's Gala Outfit  by Starhorse Tiago's Gala Outfit :iconstarhorse:Starhorse 29 17 Sybal Heim: The Forest by Starhorse Sybal Heim: The Forest :iconstarhorse:Starhorse 29 13
SH mini event entry: Immutable Steps
    Southern Uruguay, 1873
    The stars disappeared as something heavy smothered over Tiago’s face. He twisted, trying to free himself from the rough wrap of someone else’s poncho. He heard the draw of a knife, and a hand held his face down as the blade pressed against his throat. He tried to push away in a panic, felt one of his flailing blows hit, and whoever was on top of him swore.
    “You hijo de puta!”
    “What the hel--kuuhk”
    A knee crushed down across Tiago’s throat, cutting the curse off.
    He reached up, groping blindly for a handful of hair, still kicking. While he struggled with his free hand to unsheath his own knife, he heard fabric tear, a cold weight against his stomach, and a sliding pierce of pain as the other man’s knife tore into his belly. Tiago made a surprised, guttural cry, the sound muffled by the
:iconstarhorse:Starhorse 7 8
Mark of the Conifer Cover by Starhorse Mark of the Conifer Cover :iconstarhorse:Starhorse 27 18
SH:FF:I5 Taste of Friendship
Tiago wandered the Aurora Market, drinking in the noise and the color and smells. There were few things he truly loved about the city, but food was one of them. After living on maté, beef, and spare military rations for as long as he could remember, with only poor additions like polenta or squash thrown in occasionally, he could never get enough of the new tastes the city offered. He’d made no specific plans for the day, but had saved enough money to try food from at least a half-dozen stalls. He had his guitar with him as well--if he ran out of money he’d set up on a street corner for a while before going for another round.
He’d finally picked a stall to start at, and was listening to the chef describe what looked to be some sort of fried dumpling when he saw a familiar face.
It was a beautiful day out. The sun was shining high in the sky and the market was full of people bustling about from stall to stall, trying to decide which of the dozens of dishes to tr
:iconstarhorse:Starhorse 1 0
SH:FF:I4 Founder's Monday at the Met
Tiago fidgeted in the sign-in line for amateur competitors. He’d been to the Met now a handful of times to watch, but never had the courage to actually sign up—filling out the ‘simple’ paperwork to join in with all the letters flipping around made anxious. Still, Amynta had convinced him that he’d waited long enough.
He wished now he’d taken her up on it before, on a day without so many people. “Are you sure this is a good idea? We could...come back another day.”
“I think it would be good to try at least, you were eyeing it for so long.” Amynta said, having put her hair up in intricate small twists and braids, courtesy of her brother.  
Looking around she hummed a little, contemplating.
“There's quite a few people here.”
Edwin rolled up his sleeves as he fumbled his way through the crowd. It was bustling more than usual, and he found himself bumping into many other citizens, apologizing to each as he made h
:iconstarhorse:Starhorse 1 3
Sybal Heim RP: Pearl Diving by Starhorse Sybal Heim RP: Pearl Diving :iconstarhorse:Starhorse 146 15 Sybal Heim RP: Following the Trail by Starhorse Sybal Heim RP: Following the Trail :iconstarhorse:Starhorse 45 4 Sila by Starhorse Sila :iconstarhorse:Starhorse 21 3


Mini commish - hellgnoome by BH-Stables Mini commish - hellgnoome :iconbh-stables:BH-Stables 164 17 Iron Dynasty Weapons by Inkthinker Iron Dynasty Weapons :iconinkthinker:Inkthinker 815 28 Vallerina - YHH by BH-Stables Vallerina - YHH :iconbh-stables:BH-Stables 226 42 Gwyn by Drkav Gwyn :icondrkav:Drkav 252 6 Three Strikes by sirdubdub Three Strikes :iconsirdubdub:sirdubdub 16 3 Narnia by Julaxart Narnia :iconjulaxart:Julaxart 129 6 RP: Troubled Waters by SachiiA RP: Troubled Waters :iconsachiia:SachiiA 27 23 Czerwone Wierchy, Malolaczniak september 2014 by OblokMagellana Czerwone Wierchy, Malolaczniak september 2014 :iconoblokmagellana:OblokMagellana 77 4 Male Karpaty by OblokMagellana Male Karpaty :iconoblokmagellana:OblokMagellana 103 7 Horse on field by OblokMagellana Horse on field :iconoblokmagellana:OblokMagellana 247 13 Orc Overlord by Raph04art Orc Overlord :iconraph04art:Raph04art 456 10 Jolteon v2 :rub my belly edition: by Clinkorz Jolteon v2 :rub my belly edition: :iconclinkorz:Clinkorz 404 35 Tomorrow, Tomorrow! by jasmine-autumn Tomorrow, Tomorrow! :iconjasmine-autumn:jasmine-autumn 117 23 Bottled: Dragon Squirrel by emmalazauski Bottled: Dragon Squirrel :iconemmalazauski:emmalazauski 180 19 Wild Horses by Eurwentala Wild Horses :iconeurwentala:Eurwentala 215 27 Renmin Road 12 by SachiiA Renmin Road 12 :iconsachiia:SachiiA 53 21


Erika Baird Xochimitl
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