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So, Inktober is coming up! I opened up for suggestions last year, and I think about half of my drawings came out of them, which is good! So I thought I'd do it again.

This year, I'm asking for suggestions for creature designs! Suggestions don't have to be in a specific format, but I'd prefer you give me a challenge, and include a hint of their habitat (I want to work on my backgrounds a bit). A boring suggestion might be 'a horselike creature!' while a more exciting one would be 'a horse x lion creature that is aquatic!' Mythology is fair game, too. So are humanoids.

So have at it. I can't guarantee I'll do all of them, but there's also no limit on suggestions, either. 
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Sybal Heim Character: Tiago by Starhorse
Sybal Heim Character: Tiago

This is my character entry for Turtle-Arts rp group, Sybal Heim. *flails* I will add a legitimate profile portrait if he gets accepted. I sort of forgot about that little box. 

Thar be much words ahead. Ye be warned.

Name: Santiago de Campos

Nicknames: Tiago (This is what he generally goes by)

Age: 29

Physical Age: 26

Height: 5”5’

Hair: Dark brown

Eyes: Brown

Faction:  Insurgent. Tiago sees the city as something of a purgatory, and wants his old life back. He disappeared at the height of his prowess, and misses a great deal of what he had before. He thinks Sybal Heim is all right for most people, but feels confined and a little useless here. He doesn’t want to hurt regular people,  but resents and regards most of the official organization of the city as oppressive.

Occupation: Tiago likes to shirk responsibility when he can, and can’t be bothered to have a regular job, but he’s very handy, and makes braided goods similar to the rawhide ones he used to make. These include whips, knife covers, lassoes (riatas), harnesses, and whatever else he can think up or be challenged (or bothered to) make. He’s also a pretty good guitarist, and will frequently set up on a street corner, or perform in smaller pubs when he needs money. What he’s best at though, is tracking, even in his human form, and can be persuaded to put those skills to use if he feels the cause is worth it.

Sybal Form:  The Wandering Corcel

Tiago’s sybal reflects his favorite horse—with a few modifications. He is predominantly equine in size, appearance, and abilities, but sports his long knife, or facón, on his head in a unicorn-like fashion. Included in his appearance is his full-on showoff regalia: an impressive array of braided rawhide, silver, and pelts that were his pride and joy in his ‘real’ life. The saddle can be removed or cut free, but as soon as no one is looking at it, if it is no longer on Tiago, it will disappear (it reappears the following night in its original condition). Beneath the normal horse appearance, if he opens his mouth, his stallion canines are long and cat-like, but not visible when his mouth is closed. He can carry smaller objects in his mouth, but prefers to carry them on his back, or with his prehensile tail. His hooved toes are slightly webbed when spread, and he’s a decent swimmer, but can’t see well underwater—about like an able human in both regards. He can’t fly or anything, but can jump about twice what a horse can—twenty feet or so at most high, and up to 40 feet in length. He wouldn’t mind letting a humanoid ally ride him, but they’d better be good at staying on, because he’d never baby a ‘green’ rider by going easy on them. He is predominantly quite proud of his sybal form, and sees it as a good omen that he might be close to earning his way out of this little ‘purgatory’, though it is also a constant reminder of what he left behind.

Sybal Power: Sensile Beacons

Tiago was an accomplished tracker in his former life, and his sybal power reflects this. Tiago can find anything. When he is targeting something, it appears as if there is a spotlight coming up from it skyward, like a beacon. Currently, only he can see these ‘beacons,’ but with practice he may be able to make them visible to select others. The more specific the object is, or the more familiar he is with it, the brighter and more solid the beacon. For example, asking him to find a specific object of his own making, the beacon would be clear and bright—an easy find; however, asking him to find something he’d never seen but the asker had might be a bit dimmer, but since it does exist, and the other person knows what it is, he’d still be able to find it with relative ease. Getting into theoretical objects or people becomes more vague: finding ‘the perfect scarf’ might make a dozen or more softer glows throughout the city. In cases where the object may not even exist at all, he may only get a vague ‘pull’ feeling, similar to gut instinct, and may not always be right. He can use his ability to find people, but when it involves their desires or other mutable things his ability diminished greatly. Finding where a specific person is is easy. Finding someone who wants to dance with you, or…who has certain information, persay, would produce vague results—if any: he’s not a mind reader. The caveat to this is if someone has a well-known skill, they may show up if he’s asked to find someone with said skill—the more specific and public the knowledge, the easier it would be to find them: ‘someone who knows Karate’ would probably yield at least some useable result, though it may lead you a Karate class rather than the nearest black belt. Tiago is proud of his power, but is frustrated by the seemingly endless trivial requests it has produced as more and more people find out about it, and hates matchmaking questions.

Feral: While not exactly violent, a lot of Tiago’s pent up frustrations vent in his sybal form, and he has (as of yet) little control over the wills of his wandering sybal. He is not mean, but has an irrepressible wanderlust that can make him pushy or rude if you try and stop him, to the point of force, but this usually ends if you stop trying to detain him and let him go. He has a rather abrupt personality switch from charming lay-about to a gruff, pushy wanderer. He usually wanders all night, shouldering his way out of the city shortly after of before his transformation and wandering the forest relentlessly. He enjoys sparring though, and if he’s nearby a place for it when he transforms, he’ll gravitate toward that for the night as easily as running around pointlessly. He isn’t necessarily in control of his sybal yet, but he remembers what he does at night, and who he is. He doensn’t like being classified as ‘feral’ and is trying to overcome it. He’s not as powerful a sybal as some, but a horse with an arm-length dagger on its head is still a force to be reckoned with, and his greatest strength is evasion and agility, so he tends to be pretty fearless, or even reckless.

Personality: Tiago is laid back, amiable, and sharp witted, though borders on lazy, and his confidence can come off as grating. That isn’t to say he isn’t capable of working hard and well—he just doesn’t see the need to most of the time. He’s always been a drifter, and even though he’s only been in the city for three years, he’s already moved several times, and sometimes chooses to not have a house at all—he doesn’t keep that many possessions anyway. He desperately misses the pampas plains of his homeland, and will readily reminisce about horses and wandering and tales of his own bravado (not exaggerated…he swears) with other ‘horse people.’ He’s found good company with other citizens of nomadic horse background, and has picked up a thing or two already from them. He’s ended up spending more time with Mongol and Native American horsemen than most of his own district, but still calls Heiros District his home—after all, that’s where he can get yerba maté easiest. He enjoys storytelling, showing off, and singing about his own (or others) daring-do. He’s also somewhat of a womanizer, and knows more than a few love songs. He enjoys women’s company, but don’t expect him to stick around. He has an immense crush on Choe Chae-won (Songling) but also resents that she’s a member of the police force.

He will bluntly use period slang that some may find offensive. PLEASE do not think I hold the same views as he does…just trying to be accurate and in character for his time period. Using what we now view as derogatory was the norm back then, and he’s only been in Sybal Heim a short time—he’s not exactly been trained to be politically correct yet. A generalized slur doesn’t necessarily even mean he thinks less of someone for their race—he’s mixed himself, after all—and he’d just as soon apply them to himself. South American culture even today is a little more liberal in how they describe people, and not quite as ready to take offense ; for instance, calling someone ‘fat’ is as okay as calling them ‘brunette,’ and is even used as an affectionate nickname for a loved one. Of course, if your character would be offended, by all means, do so. It keeps things interesting.

History: Tiago is from the pampas plains of Uruguay, and left his ‘real’ life in 1875 at the age of 26. He participated in both the Paraguayan War and the Revolution of the Lances, and his skill as a tracker and knowledge of the pampas was greatly valued.

Tiago is a mestizo blend of background, with ancestry of both European immigrant, native South American (Charrúa, to be specific), and even a little Asian. Not fitting into any one society, he grew up at the height of gaucho culture, traversing the pampas with as much freedom as he desired, with the new respect and glamor won from helping in wars that previous generations of gauchos had not had the benefit of.

Tiago was raised by his mother until he was old enough to ride a horse, when he began accompanying other gauchos on their treks after horses and cattle. One of them might have been his father, but he never knew for sure. He learned hunting, tracking, how to cook a perfect beef ‘asado,’ and became an expert in the Gaucho’s peculiar way of dueling for honor—an evasive battle of agility where the point is to give a small cut to the other’s cheek using the facón without otherwise injuring them.  But above all, he learned horses. An expert rider, he participated in the feats of bravado the Gauchos used among themselves to establish honor and caste. From the dangerous and destructive game of pato, or performing the ‘jump of death’ from a fence onto one of a herd of galloping horses, he could even land on his feet from a horse that had been snagged with boleadors. He was good, and he knew it.  He didn’t need to exaggerate his feats—and he enjoyed adding to his reputation, but he wanted more.

When the wars came, he joined—he made a show of not wanting his freedom curtailed by the military, but the truth is, he loved it. He loved having others rely on his expertise, the feeling of being indispensable. He proved himself again and again, and added experience with the sword and black powder weapons to his arsenal, though he still preferred his facón and boleadores above all else.

When the war ended, he found he couldn’t just return to normal. After fighting against the invasion of his native land, then in the civil war that followed, chasing cattle and game didn’t seem as daring as it had before—the freedom somehow less expansive. He wandered, visiting different haciendas for work, then spending the money on drink, or adding silver to his saddle, but not feeling the happiness he’d had before. One night, while tracking a doe, he found something he’d never seen on the pampas before: a forest. He left his pingo, his favorite horse, behind, and entered, walking until he met Theo. He was intrigued by the city at first, but as he realized he couldn’t go back, the interest has soured to discontent, as he feels cheated of finding his purpose in life. He feels he left at the height of his life, with something grand still to be accomplished, and wanted to go out like a hero, not simply disappear. He’d thought he was discontent before, but the city has no horses, no plains, nowhere to get lost or anyplace new to be found. It doesn’t even have any beef for asado! All the skills with horse and knife he was proud of in his past life are useless here, the prestige gone. He appealed multiple times to go back, and has finally realized that that is impossible—at least, the way things currently stand.

While he has insurgent leanings and tendencies, he is not currently involved with the insurgency. He has a feeling it exists, but hasn’t been officially contacted by anyone, increasing his feelings of aloneness and frustration. Everyone seems to like it here to him—so far—so besides his appeals to leave, he tries to make the best of it during the day, though his frustration comes out as a sybal.

Additional Info: Tiago is good at sparring, though his style may be frustrating to many. He keeps with his roots of gaucho-style duels, and will taunt an opponent if he lands even a small scratch—which is precisely what he’s going for. He never fought to kill before, just to prove that he could have killed you if he’d meant to. He was good at dueling as a human, and has openly embraced other styles of fighting in his short time here, but retains the ability to be very evasive. Quickness, agility, and creativity are his strengths, and it is difficult to land a hit. Gaucho dueling employed anything, so he’ll often resort to what other cultures would consider dishonorable—using his poncho, the surroundings, and anything else as part of the fight. He’d have no qualms about throwing dirt in someone’s face during a fight and seeing it as fair game. Along with the facón, he also regularly employs boleadoras—three stones linked together used to ensnare. Once thrown, they are very hard to evade, as their reach is about ten feet or so, but after throwing them he has to go retrieve them each time, and if he misses, they’ll often tangle on whatever they hit instead, if you manage to evade them.

The only objects he really cares about are his facón, his boleadores, and his guitar. He keeps few other possessions, but admires work by other gifted artisans and sees them as something of kindred spirits. He usually sticks to his native dress, but occasionally adopts something similar from other cultures, and likes Mongolian stuff in particular. He enjoys music and dancing, but favors smaller pubs with a more rustic feel. 

Just finished the first (maybe it counts as second draft?) draft of my second book, the Clockwork Dog. Just over 68,000 words, 199 pages printed, which would be around 250 pages in paperback. Woo!

Now more editing...
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'Charface' Breyer CM Resculpt by Starhorse
'Charface' Breyer CM Resculpt
A portrait breyer custom of my own mare, Charface. She's metallic, but not in a bash-you-over-the-head-with-glitter sort of way, it's subtle, and looks very close to her actual color. 

One of my hardest color matches, one, because olive grullo is a difficult color, and two, because I knew very well whether I was getting it right or not, because I've got the real thing to hang out with every day. She's a weird, brassy silvery, darkish brownish sort of horse, and her black points are so high, you can barely see her leg striping (which is a pity, because I love leg striping) She has a tendency to look brownish silver in poor light, and gold or brassy in sunlight, which came through in her paint and pastelling job, so I'm very happy with it. 

She has a secret star on the bottom of her back right hoof, so that this particular model matched her body shape, and had that hoof raised was nice, for me. Resculpted neck and head profile, new sculpted mane, and a lonesome glory tail. Also did some body work on the model, as this one has kind of weirdly square legs, so those got thinned down as well. 
So, Inktober is coming up! I opened up for suggestions last year, and I think about half of my drawings came out of them, which is good! So I thought I'd do it again.

This year, I'm asking for suggestions for creature designs! Suggestions don't have to be in a specific format, but I'd prefer you give me a challenge, and include a hint of their habitat (I want to work on my backgrounds a bit). A boring suggestion might be 'a horselike creature!' while a more exciting one would be 'a horse x lion creature that is aquatic!' Mythology is fair game, too. So are humanoids.

So have at it. I can't guarantee I'll do all of them, but there's also no limit on suggestions, either. 
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  • Listening to: Glitch mob, Break of Reality, Fallout Boy
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