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'Charface' Breyer CM Resculpt by Starhorse
'Charface' Breyer CM Resculpt
A portrait breyer custom of my own mare, Charface. My most recent CM, and best representation of the work I'm doing now. She's metallic, but not in a bash-you-over-the-head-with-glitter sort of way, it's subtle, and looks very close to her actual color. 

One of my hardest color matches, one, because olive grullo is a difficult color, and two, because I knew very well whether I was getting it right or not, because I've got the real thing to hang out with every day. She's a weird, brassy silvery, darkish brownish sort of horse, and her black points are so high, you can barely see her leg striping (which is a pity, because I love leg striping) She has a tendency to look brownish silver in poor light, and gold or brassy in sunlight, which came through in her paint and pastelling job, so I'm very happy with it. 

She has a secret star on the bottom of her back right hoof, so that this particular model matched her body shape, and had that hoof raised was nice, for me. Resculpted neck and head profile, new sculpted mane, and a lonesome glory tail. Also did some body work on the model, as this one has kind of weirdly square legs, so those got thinned down as well. 
'Blizzard' Commission Breyer CM by Starhorse
'Blizzard' Commission Breyer CM
A commissioned piece in a set of two appaloosas, one as a minimal 'dalmation' appy with black feet, face and ears, but mostly white, and the other mostly black with a central 'saddle' of white spotting (Blackout). The second one still needs his topcoat on, as he's to be glossy finish, but he'll be uploaded soon. (The breyer spamming continues!!!) 
'Golden Boy' Breyer CM Repaint by Starhorse
'Golden Boy' Breyer CM Repaint
This was my first traditional custom, done back in 2007 (I think). He's already in my gallery, but the pictures were pretty terrible and grainy. I've only gotten marginally better at photographing my work since then, and still don't like doing it, which explains why it took me over 5 years to retake his picture. I used eyeshadow on him, but haven't been able to duplicate it since, and now use pearl ex and pan pastels instead--I don't remember how I got it to stick to him so well, but it looks really nice. He'll be staying with me, as I'm not sure about the archival qualities of eye-shadow, but he's held up well so far ;) 
'Chance of Snow' Breyer CM etchie by Starhorse
'Chance of Snow' Breyer CM etchie
Tried my hand at 'etching' a breyer a few days ago, and it went pretty well! Not sure if I'm going to sell this one or not, as the newness hasn't worn off him yet. (Etching is scratching the paint off of the horse, to make white areas.)

Pin spread, whatever, just leave credit on the image and don't claim as your own. Linking back here appreciated. 
'Fritz' Breyer stablemate CM by Starhorse
'Fritz' Breyer stablemate CM
Based on 'Fritz and the Beautiful Horses' by Jan Brett. I loved that book as a kid. Well, I still love it. 

This little guy did really well at his last show, taking overall third in a very large CM pony class. 
He's for sale!…

Is there any interest in an illustrated copy of my book? It would be a draft—polished, but a draft nevertheless. It would include all the pictures from my BFA project a few years ago. (You can see all the art here: Hand-bound by me, probably rustic style leather cover of some sort, and would probably be finished in June. I’m making one for a friend, but it’s just slightly more trouble to make a small batch as it is to make just one. I’m guessing they’d be around $30-$40?  Shipping covered within continental US, extra elsewhere.

Firedance by Starhorse Griffinai - War-Sky Rising cover by Starhorse Lyriel and Conran by Starhorse Griffinai Vs. Koranth by Starhorse

This would have to be an exact numbered, pre-order, pre-paid only type of thing, which I know sucks as a buyer, but that’s how it is. In the likely event there’s not an overwhelming number, I’ll probably do an original sketch in the front of each of them of one of the characters. 

So, thoughts? Takers? Opinions? This is just feeling the waters, I won’t be offended by anyone’s honesty here. 

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Erika Baird Xochimitl
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